Pocket Wok
Small Size

Who needs take-out when you can take it with you? Traditional Wok pans are cumbersome and require heat from a stove; they shackle you to your kitchen! With USB and auto adapter cables, Henri Remoulade’s Pocket Wok lets you create hot, fresh stir fry wherever you go! From Broccoli on the boat to Szechuan Chicken on the ski hill, the Pocket Wok sets you free!

MATERIALS: Made of American cardboard and ink.
SIZE: 8 x 6 x 2 (About the size of a paperback book)
Made in the USA

Note to Darrin S. in Newport, Vermont: This is a GIFT BOX ONLY. Please don't call us again and leave a 12 minute voice mail complaining about "some stupid box that got my hopes up with no God-damned product inside."


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