Yearrings Earrings
Small Size

A different pair of earrings for every day of the year! Frustrated by stagnant jewelry sales between spring wedding months and the Christmas season, gemologist Frederic DeBaynes made a bold move. He knew the American consumer needed more reasons to celebrate. But when? That morning, while hanging a new calendar he received from a colleague in the insurance business, it hit him. Why not make EVERY DAY a celebration? That day, YEARRINGS® were born.

MATERIALS: Made of American cardboard and ink.
SIZE: 8 x 6 x 2 (About the size of a paperback book)
Made in the USA 

Note to Darrin S. in Newport, Vermont: This is a GIFT BOX ONLY. Please don't call us again and leave a 12 minute voice mail complaining about "some stupid box that got my hopes up with no God-damned product inside." 


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